The Day Fox News Went Off Message

Maybe it was a foul-mouthed socialist who hates our freedoms and wants government “death panels.” Maybe it was Ted Kennedy’s practical joke from beyond the grave. Or Maybe Bill O’Reilly lost a bet.

We may never know the identity of the person who created an impostor Fox News account on Twitter Monday and began firing off a round of decidedly “off-message” tweets. The fun lasted for less than two hours before the Twitter gods suspended the fake account at the request of Fox News Channel.

Gawker was the first to report something amiss, about a half-hour after tweets such as this–well, let’s reconvene on the jump…


Steve Krakauer at picked up on the Gawker post early Monday evening and did some reporting:

> Update: As of 6:38pmET, the account is now suspended. We have a call into Fox News to see what just happened.

> Update at 7pmET: Fox News tells us the account never belonged to them (and apparently was just someone taking their RSS feed – until today). Fox tells us they talked to Twitter about it and had the account taken down. Mystery solved! (The real Fox Twitter accounts:,

So while the adventure is over (for now), the ALLFOXNews impostor’s tweets always will be with us. Which might not thrill Sean Hannity’s mom.