The day after: thoughts on the Gawker Media / Huffington Post party

Bathroom hand-soaps were spherical. Smart, tasteful choice.

Arianna has a good handshake. Not too firm, not too limp.

How is it that every male media professional in Los Angeles instinctively knows whether or not to wear a blazer to a given social event? This was definitely a blazer party. Everyone wore one. Sometimes you go to a party and nobody’s wearing a blazer, but it’s always one extreme or the other. I keep one in my car just in case I miscalculate.

Spotted on the bookshelves: 1001 Ways To Be A Romantic, Feng Shui Revealed.

Overheard in the bathroom line: “I just ran into this girl who works at who I kissed at summer camp.”

Wish I had brought a bathing suit. The pool looked quite inviting.

The speeches were about what you would expect. Arianna: Shame on Bob Woodward, Scott Moore has a nice car. By the way, I drive a Prius. Scott Moore: Yahoo + Gawker, yay. Nick Denton: I’m smart.

Anyway it was fun! I like parties! Maybe someday I’ll get invited to another one!