The Dance Party Was Most Certainly Not A Rhetorical Description


A few weeks ago we received an email from Lisa Strausfeld, our new Pentagram bff, entitled “Public Service Announcement — PLEASE READ.” Since we are nothing but the most excellent amanuenses, we followed suit accordingly. Here’s what we read:

Over the past two decades we have observed a steady decline in one of our most important human rituals. The absence of this practice poses a significant threat to the mental and physical well-being of our generation.

We are writing to urge your participation in an event that aims to raise awareness about the benefits of “getting down.”


Having no swerve, we had next to no clue of what this was or where the location, described only as the “club formerly known as M.K.” was. After last night, we realized it was the best dance party we’ve been to since a sophomoric Twilo stop, and that the Pentagram offices, back in the day, were a club known as M.K. Musical highlights included Billie Jean, Jamiroquai, Madonna, and assorted other late-eighties’ (we were four) awesome.

People-watching highlights included graphic designers Seymour Chwast and Paula Scher; architect/author Alex “Get Down” Gorlin; architect/writer James “En Fuego” Sanders; architect Enrique Norten; designer Lisa “Mostest Hostess” Strausfeld; sound artist Ben Rubin; Sex and the City writer Julie Rottenberg; Sidekick; and a lot of other people who were the most unironically, and the most awesomely, getting down.

Anytime, Lisa. Anytime.