The Daily’s Publisher on Year One: ‘We’ve Absolutely Met Our Expectations’

Few things have been as harshly scrutinized in the last year as The Daily. Sure, “Scream 4” was attacked for not taking advantage of the superior talents of David Arquette, and more recently Lana Del Rey has been critiqued about 4,347 times too many, but The Daily seemed to get blasted more than anything. So how is The Little Tablet Paper That Could doing now? Its Publisher, Greg Clayman, says “just fine, thank you.”

Digiday reports that The Daily has the same reach as The Detroit Free Press or The Seattle Times, with about 250,000 monthly readers and 100,000 paid subscribers. It also continues to have the support of big-time advertisers, such as IBM and BMW and has finally worked out all of its technical issues. This, according to Clayman, is all part of the plan.

“We’ve absolutely met our expectations,” Clayman told Digiday. “It takes a new publication an average of five to seven years to break even, and we’re operating well ahead of that curve.”

That’s great, but what about the fact that The Daily once lost $10 million in one quarter? We suspect that Clayman would rather we all discuss how many times we’ve cried listening to “Video Games.”