The Daily Show Intern Talks About His Experience on Reddit

In an Ask Me Anything last night, an intern for The Daily Show answered a few questions about how things work behind the scenes at one of the funniest political satires on television.  The user hid his real identity behind his name “DarnJester99”, although a link shows it to be Adam Lash, an aspiring comedian.

Adam answered a lot of questions about how he got in as an intern and what it was like to actually meet the stars behind the show.  Redditors also piled in, with one person telling the story about how he was a barrista at a Starbucks in the Hamptons that Jon Stewart used to frequent.  For any fan of the show, there’s a lot of great content in the thread, and I’ve included some of the better questions below, but you’ll have to click through to the Reddit page to see the answers.

  • Did you meet any of the “correspondents” or guests, and if so…were any of them a jerk?
  • What was Jon Stewart like off camera?
  • How much writing does Jon and the other on-air hosts do?
  • Could you describe the writing process? like when does it take place and how? Who selects the topics and how much influence does Jon have on it?

Also, check out Adam’s personal standup routine, which he shared without being a shill.  That kind of behavior gets good karma from the Reddit community, and so we’ll repost it here, too.