The Daily Show: Apology, and amends

Gentle Fishbowl readers may have noticed the dropoff in our “Daily Show” (and now “Colbert Report”) coverage of late. Sadly, it’s been due not to a lack of love for Jon‘s salt-and-pepper cuteness or Stephen‘s trusty (nay, trusti) truthiness, but rather the lack of workiness of our DVR. Fie on you, Time Warner!

We’re looking forward to returning to our regularly-scheduled/totally erratic coverage, but in the meantime we thought we’d make amends by calling back to one of the more prescient gags that popped up on “The Daily Show” in September, in a report filed by Colbert no less, in which he alphabetized the various scandals of the Bush Administration thus far:

Bush Administration from A to Z.jpg

We thought we’d point out that they’ve added two more bona-fide disasters to the list, in bona-fide chronological order no less: “L” for “Libby” and “M” for “Miers.” We’re still very concerned about that yam shortage, though.