The Daily News Endorses Hillary Clinton

"Waiting until November would be irresponsible."

The New York Daily News, which has been laying out its anti-Trump, pro-HRC case on a series of provocative front pages throughout the 2016 cycle, has done it within as well, following Hillary Clinton‘s acceptance speech last night at the Democratic National Convention with an endorsement.

“With Trump representing a clear and present danger to the republic, waiting until November would be irresponsible: The Daily News endorses Clinton now,” wrote the editorial board, explaining the timing of its endorsement.

It focused its endorsement largely on the economy. “Clinton has but 100 days to convince the country that she genuinely and passionately knows that it’s still the economy, stupid, and that she has the dynamism to rev up growth and drive up wages,” wrote the board, concurrently laying out current economic anxieties and the lack of progress on income inequality. It concluded, ultimately, that Clinton was “well-poised” to “build a governing mandate for the economic revival that America so desperately awaits.”

There was also a nod to last night’s emotional, affective and effective speech by Khizr Khan:

No one has been more devastating to Trump than Khizr Khan, Muslim father of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died a hero in Iraq at the age of 27. Offering Trump a copy of the U.S. Constitution on the convention stage, Khan said, “Donald Trump, you have sacrificed nothing.”