The Daily Meal’s Winning Recipe

The Daily Meal recently hit 5 million unique visitors monthly—not bad for a site that officially launched in December 2010. In fact, its traffic places it as the #8 food website.

What’s the secret? According to Folio and Daily Meal CEO Jim Spanfeller, the secret is massive amounts of content—up to 120 stories a day.

Folio says that The Daily Meal is following a “strategy of going wide as well as deep with the content…while The Daily Meal features recipe content, it also goes big on content about industry news, entertaining and epicurian travel, for example.” The site’s traffic goals are 10 million uniques by the end of the year and ultimately to 20 million.

That may be why Spanfeller Media Group has just launched its second site: The Active Times, for fitness enthusiasts. “There are lots of sites out there, but none of them have any scale,” Spanfeller told Folio earlier this summer. “And none of them have what we’re trying to do, which is go broad and deep.”

Spanfeller Media Group plans to launch even more verticals at an unspecified time in the future, so for people hoping to move into this space over the next year, it wouldn’t be a bad company to watch.