The Daily Meal to Ditch the Beta Table for the Adult Table

The Daily Meal, the food site launched in October by Spanfeller Media Group, will come out of beta Thursday, under the leadership of editorial director Colman Andrews, the Gourmet columnist and cookbook author who co-founded the food magazine Saveur in 1994.

The site is made up of five channels: Eat, Drink, Cook, Entertain, and Travel. The Daily Meal features articles, videos, recipes, interviews, and reviews, and it recently debuted restaurant tear sheets and city landing pages.

Spanfeller Media Group president and CEO Jim Spanfeller said:

Despite entering a crowded category, The Daily Meal stands alone in terms of its award-winning editorial team, comprehensive offerings, and a style that mirrors the evolving interests of food lovers nationwide. With a robust editorial vision and a strong response from our community, it is clear that The Daily Meal is on the right course. We have lofty traffic goals and know we must work very hard to continue to achieve them but, that said, I am extremely happy with our initial reception.