The Daily Caller’s Executive Editor Resigns

The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor Megan Mulligan is leaving the publication and moving to Tunisia.

Find out all the juicy details from her boss, Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, after the jump…

To Daily Caller staff,

I want to let you know that our beloved Executive Editor Megan Mulligan will be leaving us early next month to move to Tunisia, where she will be training journalists for Freedom House, and in other ways working on behalf of democratic reforms in that newly post-revolutionary country. I’ll let Megan herself fill you in on the details, but here’s the bottom line: Some people run away from the sound of gunfire and adventure, others toward it. Megan’s firmly in the latter category. It’s hard to think of too many other Washington journalists who’d happily relocate on a moment’s notice next door to Libya. I don’t think Megan hesitated, which is one of the many reasons we love her and will miss her so profoundly.

Megan has guided The Daily Caller from our first chaotic days. Everything about our editorial product bears her imprint. She’s made our stories tighter, better written and more interesting. She’s been a counselor to just about everyone here. Day after day – in ways you’ll never know, trust me – she has kept our office calm, happy and productive. She has also become a close friend of mine. I am genuinely sad to write this note, but also proud to have worked with someone so smart, cool and ballsy.

I’ll be making an announcement in the next couple of weeks about our new editing structure. In the meantime please congratulate Megan on her fantastic new adventure.