Featured in Features

It’s time to check up on what Washington publications are publishing in their features sections. Hate ‘em or love ‘em, they’re always worth a look.

The good— “Paige” is the name of a new hologram that greets travelers at the international terminal at Dulles airport, according to a Wednesday feature in the Washington Examiner by Liz Essley. The hologram is a life-size attractive woman who can talk (but not respond) to people as they make their way through customs. “This kind of 3-D image really gives it a personal feel. It actually looks like a real person,” said Dennis Hazell, associate executive staff coordinator for the airport. Paige may look like a real person, but she doesn’t look like the average person you run into at the airport. The average person you run into at the airport is usually an overweight man who either feels you up, demands a tip for doing minimal work or honks the shuttle horn as you’re minding your business.

The porkyWaPo ran a feature by Tim Carman this week about the pork industry’s move to get farm pigs out of those tiny gestation crates and into a more free-roaming environment. That is, at least before they’re hacked to death and finely shredded for barbeque pork sandwiches across the country. In the story we learn that some states have passed laws banning the use of gestation crates by a public referendum, sometimes with 60 percent of the vote. Paul Shapiro, veep of farm animal protection for the Humane Society, puts that in terms we can all understand: “Imagine if a political candidate won with two-thirds of the vote… It’s a political slaughter.”

The porkier— Actress Queen Latifah has been outed. Though she serves as a spokeswoman for the weight loss program Jenny Craig, Latifah is also a part owner of the Fatburger franchise. We learn this in a feature aggregated by Samantha Schnurrof The Daily Caller. “Fatburger’s menu items include a 24-ounce Triple Kingburger, chili cheese Fat Fries, onion rings, and 16-ounce milkshakes,” the story says.

The deceptive— Is this an ad or a feature about new homes in Maryland by Michele Lerner, special to TWT? The article, headlined “New in Maryland: Park Ridge,” appears in TWT‘s Home & Living section but it reads like a classified: “Each home in this Montgomery County community will include a brick front, a poured-concrete foundation with a brick design, professional landscaping, an asphalt driveway and a two- or three-car garage.” At the end: “For more information or directions, call community sales manager [blank] or visit [blank].” We ran a search on Lerner and indeed, her LinkedIn profile says she’s a freelance writer specializing in real estate.