Journo Picks World’s Most Unusual Baby Name

A hearty congratulations to The Daily Caller’s media scribe Matt Lewis for possibly picking the most outlandish baby name he could find.

“Happy to welcome Becket Wilberforce Lewis to the world! 8 lb 5 oz,” — Lewis announced on Twitter last night at 7:04 p.m. Please note the father and son’s matching dimples.

Lewis told FishbowlDC: “I should definitely mention that Becket has an almost 2-year old brother, Burke (named after British statesman and philosopher Edmund
Burke). Burke and Wilberforce were contemporaries. Hopefully, they will get along in the 21st century, too!”

Asked if he will call the child “Wilberforce” or come up with a nickname, Lewis replied, “Hmm. Since Becket is his first name, I’m thinking ‘Beck’ as a nickname.” He then quickly stressed, “Like Beck Hansen, not Glenn Beck.” As he explained, “Wilberforce will probably only come out when were mad at him: ‘Becket Wilberforce Lewis, you march on here this instant!'”

Lewis acknowledged that he’s a big believer in the importance of names. “Lets be honest, if my name were Becket Lewis, my whole life would be different,” he said. “I’d probably have my own Fox show.”

Without further delay, welcome Becket Wilberforce Lewis to the Fishbowl! We only hope we have many reasons to mention you. Needless to say he’s going to be a wilberforce of nature (and this is just the beginning of jokes he’s bound to get in elementary school and beyond.)

Lewis explains he and his wife’s choice in baby names…

“Names are very important, and I figure it’s one of the most important
gifts you can give a child,” he told FishbowlDC. “And so, my wife and I agreed on interesting names that were also significant. Since I’m a writer, a lot of people think Samuel Beckett, but the first name is after Thomas Becket.”

Lewis considers William Wilberforce is among his heroes. “He led the movement to
abolish the slave trade in Great Britain, and is a prime example of a statesman who used the political process to bring about positive change in the world,” he said. “Everyone should rent the movie ‘Amazing Grace,’ which is based on his life.”