The Daily Beast Gets Hit with Michelle Obama Design Prank


Tina Brown recently discovered that she has some digital egg on her face thanks to a hoax played out on her new Daily Beast site. The Smoking Gun reports that after the sited picked up and ran a piece that asked for famous fashion designers, including Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll, to design dresses they’d like to see Michelle Obama wear at her husband’s inauguration, they discovered that they hadn’t gotten Jay McCarroll at all, but rather Jay McCarrol, a Toronto musician whose name is remarkably similar. Deciding this was a good opportunity to have a laugh, the fake McCarroll had a friend put something together, complete with a message that ended in “God bless America bitches.” And a laugh they had, as the story went live and stayed up on The Daily Beast until The Smoking Gun called the online magazine to inquire about the story. When they found out the truth, it was yanked.