The curse of Bob Newman

Kirkland out

fortune.gifFrom last week’s interview with Fortune design director Bob Newman:

Newman: Well, my editor at Real Simple was fired… One thing I was thinking last night is that I’ve had a lot of editors fired. (Laughs).

Mediabistro: What did you do to them?

Newman: Check this out. When I was at New York, Kurt Andersen was fired. Then I went to Details, and Michael Caruso was fired. Then I went to Vibe and the editor, Danyel Smith—fortunately I got along really well with her successor. Then I went to Inside and… you know what happened there. Then I went to Real Simple and she was fired. (Laughs.) I told the editor of Fortune when I took this job, “No one has survived me yet!”

Today the curse of Bob struck again, but missed John Huey and hit Fortune’s managing editor, Rik Kirkland, instead.

But then we sort of saw that one coming.

UPDATE: We’re told that “managing editor” = “editor” at Fortune, which is, we suppose, not too unusual. (See Stone, Rolling.) So the Newman curse holds!

Unless you believe the departure was entirely voluntary…

Nah, we didn’t think so.