The Curious Case of Carly Fiorina’s Protesters Part Two

After our post yesterday about the notable protesters in favor of the Republican candidate for Senator, we received a very nice note from the Carly Fiorina campaign. They said that we wrongly identified materials as astroturf, although we never used the term “astroturf” and they offered no proof as to why we were mistaken as to the authenticity of the protesters.
We did get a chance to ask them why the signs were all the same. The explanation they gave was that Office Max and Staples all carry the same type of paper and markers. We’ve posted the email exchange in full here.

Ah the old Office Max excuse. Okay. Because when people exercise their right to peaceful assembly they often email the photos of their humble demonstration to the person with access to the opposing candidate’s Twitter account, instead of, well, the media.
But after we posted the observation that there could be something weird with these protesters, the Fiorina campaign posted two more pics on their Twitter feed with – you guessed it – the same slogans and one with the EXACT same handwriting pictured above. Of course, they had a different Office Max in Fresno.
Below are the rest of the Twitpic photos.