The Crystal Ball: Romney, Craig And A Belgian Waffle

crystallball.jpgEach week, FishbowlNY offers up their picks for the cream of the underreported news cycle. Are you a blogger? Journalist? Then these are the stories to keep an eye on:

  • Romney’s Big Mormon Speech: Republican candidate Mitt Romney has announced that he will be giving a speech directly addressing his Mormon faith at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas. Spokesman Kevin Madden reports that the candidate’s speech will be titled “Faith in America.” Expect this to be Romney’s Houston Moment.

    Subtext: Notice how it’s at the George H.W. Bush Library? A possible signal that the old-line Republican establishment of Bush Sr., Scowcroft, Baker, etc. is turning to favor Romney.

  • “More Gay Men Describe Sexual Encounters With U.S. Sen. Craig”: That’s the headline of a front-page headline in the Idaho Statesman. The newspaper has compiled audio statements from four seperate men concerning sexual encounters with Craig or sexual come-ons from Craig.

    Subtext: Holy crap! One of the men is male escort Mike Jones, better known as the guy who ended Ted Haggard‘s career.

  • Belgium’s Screwed: A last ditch attempt to form a functioning government in Belgium has failed due to tensions between French- and Dutch- speaking factions. The Guardian openly suspects that the crisis will force Belgium to split into two seperate countries.

    Subtext: We made fun of the Belgian political crisis in September. However, as we write this, Belgium has spent a record 175 days without a government. If Belgium splits into two separate countries, expect massive repercussions for the EU and the return of the city-state in the form of Brussels.