The Crue Sues… Again

Apparently emboldened by bass player Nikki Sixx’s dubious $1 million legal victory over Vans Shoes, Motley Crue is now suing NBC on even sillier grounds, claiming that NBC is violating their first ammendment rights by not letting them appear on talk shows. Reports the NYT:

In the latest twist in the broadening battle over decency standards, the glam-metal band Motley Crue filed suit against NBC yesterday. The suit states that the network violated the group’s free-speech rights and weakened its sales by banning it after Vince Neil, the lead singer, used an expletive on the air in a Dec. 31 appearance on “The Tonight Show.”


“We meant no harm, but it feels that we’re being singled out unfairly,” said Nikki Sixx, the band’s bassist. “This is a discrimination issue, pure and simple.”

That’s it. I’m burning my copy of ‘Shout At The Devil.’