The Creative Minds Behind Martha

Before any ill-fated “Apprentice”, there was Gael Towey, the founding design director of Martha Stewart Living, and the woman you can pretty much thank for revolutionizing the women’s-lifestyle-DIY-crafting-cooking magazine market. The look and feel of Living set the tone for the entire Martha empire, its custom-designed typefaces and clean, white layouts translating neatly into a website, television, and lines of Martha products like Kmart’s Everyday.

If you’re thinking Stewart really owes it all to Towey, she did manage to give her one incredible bonus: Stewart introduced Towey to the designer who would become her husband, Stephen Doyle, of the esteemed Doyle Partners. Now Towey and Doyle collaborate on Martha jobs, including the Everyday brand, and various other projects, including raising two kids in NYC. The designing duo will be speaking about “A Question of Balance” at Skirball Cultural Center, in LA, tomorrow night at 6:30pm.