The Cool Kid In the Newsroom

Dana Milbank: So cool he don’t need to do no stinking Post critique:

    My offer to do the critique today was actually a ruse. Heck, I haven’t even read the paper today. (But when I read it tonight, I’m sure I will find that it is all excellent, with the possible exception of some item in a rail somehwere, which I will probably find objectionable.)

Milbank did, however, use the occasion to pay tribute to Jim Rowe:

    In fact, my plan is to pen a brief tribute to Jim Rowe, whose last day is today. He’s been at the Post for 35 years and has had a storied career that took him from economic policy to Wall Street to the Latin American debt crisis, to the national desk. As editor of our Bulldog edition, he has presided over the only edition of the Washington Post that has growing circulation. And, as sherpa of the Critiques, he has the thankless job of hounding all of us to write these critiques, even though nobody likes them but Len. His affable manner, famous generosity and resonant voice will be missed in the newsroom