The Continuing Absurdity of Web 2.0 Naming


Because it’s a slow week, we’re going to keep the fun coming. This time, following hot off the heals of Wired‘s picks for the “Top 10 Startups Worth Watching in 2008,” comes a funny post from We Break Stuff, “Startup Names Still Suck.” Granted, it’s not about any of the names listed by Wired, instead focusing on the worst of the worst, from Gaboogie and Foonz, but you can see some names even on that best-of list that are a little too uncomfortably close to being considered some of that Web 2.0 baby talk. Here’s from their post:

Not everything can be generic, and a brand is one of the most important things to nail down when launching a product or service. If you’re still thinking of removing vowels from words to make up a 2.0-ey name, stop because you’re clearly doing it wrong.