The Company Behind the Olympic Torch Design and 2012 Finds Its Crystal Supplier

Since the winter games in Vancouver kick off tonight and we’re sure your storefront is all properly and legally prepared and you’re excited to finally meet those weird mascots, we thought we’d talk about the Olympics for a second. First, when you see whoever-it-is carrying the final torch at tonight’s ceremony (our money’s on Wayne Gretzky), you can brag to all your friends that you know who designed said torch, because we’re going to tell you right now: it was the aircraft and rail transportation design/manufacturing company, Bombardier. They built 12,000 of them to prepare for the flame’s tour after first testing prototypes “in a weather simulation chamber before the final design was put to the test in Canada’s bone-chilling winter.” If you’re interested in reading more, the company has released a six-page PDF with all the juicy torch details (the LA Times also has this short interview with its senior designer). Second, and completely unrelated to anything in Vancouver, Design Week is reporting that WWRD, the company who owns Waterford Crystal, “has been appointed to produce ceramic and crystal products for the London 2012 Olympic Games.” This is tremendously exciting news because…wait, what? We understand licensing deals and merchandising, with “Whataburger is the Official Sponsor of the High Jump” and all that, but it seems like an odd pairing, crystal and Olympic sports. But judging from the one ALL CAPS COMMENT Design Week has received on this story, we guess it does make perfect sense to a specific sort of person who belongs to a specific sort of group. “CONGRATULATIONS! TO WWRD! HOW THRILLED YOU ALL MUST BE.”