The Community Weighs Pros and Cons on Social Thumbs

social_thumbsFilm critics Siskel and Ebert made having a thumb a pop-culture event. Social Thumbs, a new community that allows you to submit the latest dilemma plaguing your life, hopes to keep the thumb symbolism alive.After registering, you can submit a problem to the public or just seek the help of your private network. Users can assign your problem a series of thumbs on a zero to five scale. Green is pro and red is con. Comments can also be left.

After enough time has passed (your choice, anywhere between one and 30 days), you can hopefully make a more rational decision thanks to the wisdom of the masses.

There is also the opportunity to make money from Social Thumbs. The Website allows you to place your own ads on your dilemma.

Enter a motivation, yes or no question and tags. Then add and pros or cons you have already thought of. You may also add facts to state your case.

Whether you’re looking for validation, are completely clueless or want to play God with other people’s decisions, Social Thumbs lets you play decision-making master.

The Website is quite simple looking. It’s currently in beta, and we hope there are plans to jazz up the joint a bit. Supposedly, the next phase of the launch will give users the ability to deconstruct dilemmas into smaller phases, and get answers from specific audiences.