The Colonel’s Secret Recipe Unites the World

On a planet divided by violent political, sectarian, and international rifts, it’s nice to know that sworn enemies can share a deep admiration for one historical figure who was so much more than a man. Years ago, this misunderstood prophet dared to buck the tide and bring humanity together in the name of an all-encompassing love—the love of crispy, delicious fried chicken.

That man, of course, was KFC founder Colonel Harland David Sanders, and this week the trusty fourth estate brings us multiple stories about residents of Palestine’s volatile Gaza Strip region going above and beyond for a little taste of his special sauce.

Finger lickin’ good PR? Yeah…no.

In case you remain blissfully unaware, Gaza has been governed by the Islamist organization Hamas (named a terrorist group by Israel and much of the Western world) since 2007. International sanctions on the area make it all but impossible to import anything from neighboring Egypt, but after Israel relaxed restrictions over the past few years some plucky entrepreneurs created businesses that specialize in illegally smuggling goods to Gaza through a series of underground tunnels—goods like electronics, clothing, and buckets of the Colonel’s famous wings.

That’s not all. The largest of these “delivery services” takes orders on its Facebook page (don’t even ask us to look for that one) and promises to have fast food in hungry Gazans’ hands within three hours at a mark-up of approximately 100%—no “or your money back” guarantees needed. Seems that even cold breasts and limp fries can’t kill the universal desire for that fatty fowl.

KFC does great business in overseas markets like China, and KFC Arabia makes a point of assuring its Islamic customers that all its meats are prepared according to Halal standards. In a perfect world, stories hinging on the addictive power of deep-fried poultry would amount to amazing press for the brand. KFC could even pick a few enthusiastic “brand advocates” out of the crowd.

Unfortunately, circumstances require the company to deny interview requests and respond with a terse “no comment.” But if the perfect world mentioned above were a real place, we just know it would be filled with fried chicken.

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