The Chat Diary Alerts You To Twitter Chats

You’ve heard of Twitter chats and you even know how to participate in them (maybe. If not, read this post where we explain it ALL), but where can you find Twitter chats?

Lucky for you, there’s a place that keeps track of Twitter chats, so  you’ll never miss another chance to connect.

And all you have to do is follow its Twitter and pay attention!

The Chat Diary is THE Twitter to follow if you want to keep up on which chats are taking place on a given day.

This Twitter account “will alert you to Twitter Chats. It will find them and then via Twitter alert you to them shortly before they kick off so that you can then decide if you wish to take part.”

And if you have your own Twitter chat and want to spread the word, have a Twitter chat that you would like help publicising and alerting people to, then tweet @TheChatDiary with the times, dates and hashtag to promote.” It’s FREE.

We currently tweet Twitter Chat alerts for 175 Twitter Chats. Most of these Twitter Chats are based in the UK, but some are US based. This list grows each day as we find or are notified about new Twitter Chats to alert people to.

To notify us of your Twitter Chat please use the Contact Form, we will need times, dates, the hashtag being used and who your target audience is.

Looks like a solid idea to me! What are you waiting for – follow!

(Image from Shutterstock)