The Chartboost Store simplifies in-app purchases for developers

Image courtesy Chartboost

Chartboost has announced the launch of the Chartboost Store, a new platform for mobile game developers that offers analytics about items that developers may have for sale in their games.

The Chartboost Store has been created with microtransactions in mind, as developers can monitor the success of all of the items for sale in their apps. In this way, developers can monitor which items are selling the most (or least) and make changes accordingly.

If developers wish to change the price of an item, for instance, they can do so from Chartboost’s online dashboard at any time, and will see the new price in their app in real time. By tracking the most successful items in their games, developers know which items to create more of (say, in different colors or quantities), and which to avoid pouring more resources into.

The Chartboost Store dashboard allows developers to not only manipulate items currently active within the game, but also create new items for addition to the store. In the case of holidays or special promotions, game assets can be uploaded directly to the dashboard and implemented into an app’s marketplace within seconds. You can watch a full demo of this process below.

“In a few short years we have seen a massive shift from paid downloads to free-to-play mobile games. A key driver of this has been the success of in-app stores and marketplaces allowing developers to monetize their free games,” said Maria Alegre, founder and CEO of Chartboost, via a company release. “Our mission has always been to provide tools for developers that help them grow their games and their businesses.  Our new Store backend service provides developers with the tools they need to analyze performance and quickly make improvements to increase their in-app purchase revenue.”

The Chartboost Store has already been implemented in five mobile games during its closed beta, including RetroDreamer’s Ice Cream Drop and Dobsoft’s Run & Gun. Developers interested in joining the closed beta can sign up for more information on the official Chartboost Store website.

Chartboost has had a big summer. Its Groups for Direct Deals program launched in June, allowing developers to join with similar creators to form mutually beneficial partnerships without paying fees to connect.