The Charles and Ray Show

The aesthetically-pleasing retail experience that is Design Within Reach is staying open a little late for the next few months to show a 60-minute selection of films made by Charles and Ray Eames. Some star their extensive collections of vintage toys, many are scored by legendary composer Elmer Bernstein, all are delightful odes to the way we live, learn and look. If you haven’t yet seen the Eames’ films, these seven are the perfect introduction.

Design Q&A (1972, 6 minutes)
Tops (1969, 8 minutes)
Toccata for Toy Trains (1957, 14 minutes)
Powers of Ten (1977, 9 minutes)
Blacktop (1952, 11 minutes)
House: After Five Years of Living (1955, 10 minutes)
Goods (1981, 10 minutes)

Cities and dates here. DWR not within reach? You can find most of the films on DVD at the Eames Office website.

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