The Center for Public Integrity Promotes John Dunbar to CEO

He had been deputy executive editor.

John Dunbar has been named CEO of of the Center for Public Integrity, the nonprofit investigative news outlet. Dunbar rejoined CPI in 2011 for his third stint there. He had been deputy executive editor before being named CEO.

Highlights of Dunbar’s most recent tenure at CPI included managing After the Meltdown, a George Polk award-winning series that examined the largely consequence-less fates of the institutions and organizations who had contributed to the 2008 financial crisis.

In an interview that accompanied the announcement, Dunbar said that CPI’s mission following the elections remains the same as it ever was:

Now more than ever people need a credible news source. The award-winning investigative reporting we’ve done historically is very much in demand today. We’re going to continue to hold government accountable. Studying the influence of money on government is still our bread and butter. We’re going to extend that into all areas of our coverage.