The Cell Phone as Diet Tool

The days of cheating on your diet by claiming ignorance of that burger’s nutritional info are over. And you can blame Health, which has come out with a free mobile service with nutritional data on more than 70,000 food items.

food clipart.jpgCalorie Count Mobile, an extension of Health’s Web-based nutritional site, can be accessed via a WAP site or by text messaging. The reason for the dual approach is the company’s belief that some mobile users are more willing to use an SMS service than try to access a mobile Web site, WirelessWeek reports.

To access the SMS version, users can text “food” along with the name of whatever they’re considering (example: food Caesar salad), to 432584. The reply text will include basic nutritional info on the food such as calories, portion size and a nutrition grade. Unfortunately for dieters, it only provides the info; it can’t stop you from ordering the jumbo combo with extra grease.

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