The Case of the Mystery Font—Solved!

whoknows.jpgYou can spot Helvetica a mile away and have an entire theory as to why Woody Allen can’t bear to make a film without Windsor Light Condensed, but where do you turn when flummoxed by a mystery typeface? Try Identifont, the Web’s largest independent directory of typefaces. Among the site’s multiple ways to sift through information from 558 font publishers and 149 vendors is by answering a series of illustrated multiple-choice questions about the appearance of a particular font, even if your sample is restricted to a handful of letters in a logo or heading. What type of tail is the uppercase “Q” sporting? Is the question mark dotted with a circle, square, or diamond? Click your choices and before you can say “ascender serif oblique,” Identifont has winnowed down the set of nearly 7,000 possible fonts to your mystery font.