The Case for Making a Lateral Move or Simply Staying Put for Now

charityWe’re so accustomed to having a career path drilled upon us to work harder, better, faster for the next promotion, the bigger office, better paying job.

Maybe our society is just full of overachievers, hence the purpose of this particular blog post.

Well, a promotion isn’t necessarily the answer to everyone’s career dreams nor should it be. We want to remind you that it’s perfectly okay to not want that big job and fine to feel content where you are right now. And it’s also completely fine (hey, who are we to judge anyway, right?) to pursue a lateral move for the sake of learning something new that’s not the next rung on the corporate ladder.

We’re here to remind our fellow friends that it’s okay to work hard while enjoying the view right here, right now. Maybe your personal life is too frenetic at the moment to handle more responsibilities. Maybe you don’t want to manage million dollar budgets or teams of 20 or more people. You know what? That’s okay.

Coupled with responsibilities at home ranging from raising a child to caring for an elderly parent or planning a wedding, it sounds like you have your hands more than full. Taking on more than you can chew can result in a highly stressed out life, not like we need to remind you.

In another scenario, maybe there’s a job internally that really gets you excited but alas, it’s not a promotion per se. It’s a lateral move salary-wise and with the title as well but you know what? We think you should go for it anyway. Every move doesn’t always have to be up; in fact, sometimes the best, most calculated moves involve just moving over.

Making a lateral move has its benefits — you’ll gain a new skill set and get aligned with your true passion. Or, if it’s not your true passion, think of this new role as a stepping stone getting you closer to the next step.