The Carnage Begins: CosmoGirl Folds

The rumors have been circulating, and now it’s official, Hearst has shuttered CosmoGirl magazine.

Mediaweek‘s Lucia Moses was one of the first to have the news and published this story today. PRNewser caught up with Moses shortly after via phone, where she told us, “It’s no secret that times are really tough out there for the magazine industry in general. Everybody has been waiting and watching to see which categories will lose.” Asked about which titles she thinks will be the next to go, Moses declined to name names but stated, “look at the categories where there are multiple books. Look at the six or seventh book in that category, they will have it hard. Advertisers are targeting the biggest books.”

While not claiming she necessarily agrees, Moses says that she’s heard, “parenting, shelter, women’s service and celebrity pubs” could be particularly hard hit.

How can PR pros at these publications, help “sell” the pub? Moses acknowledged that communications is not her specific area of expertise, but stated, “Magazines still have such a great story to tell. They are a great lush environment for ads. They are welcomed and invited into homes and are a great story telling vehicle. I’m not in PR, and don’t know the mechanics, but the message is out there to be told.”