The Cain Train Meets Butt Bongos

Howard Stern announced on his SiriusXM radio show that former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain would join him on his radio show Wednesday morning.  Stern has defended Cain in the past, saying that he thought that all of the allegations against Cain were nothing more than a “smear job.”  Herman Cain is returning the favor by entering “Studio 69”, the name of Stern’s notorious studio.  Stern says that Cain has “agreed to answer any questions we have.”  You know, because America is DYING to know if Ginger White was fully shaved.  Or what his favorite sexual position is.  And why is it that all of his accusers were white women?  This announcement got us thinking.  What if this was all just a radio stunt put on by Stern.  Is Herman Cain just the world’s most successful performance artist?  Next thing you know, he’ll be covered in blue latex paint banging on trash cans.