The ‘Buzz’ Predictions

Washingtonian Weighs in for a Second Bush Term

Writing in the Washingtonian, Harry Jaffe’s “Buzz” column used last week’s inaugural as a chance to survey the media landscape around the most press unfriendly administration in memory.

He predicts that the Post will be the most likely to break new ground; that the Times will enjoy the infighting between a Rice-led State and a Rumsfeld-led DoD; that USA Today will continue its “gentle” “softball” coverage; and the Times’ Bumiller will stay out in the Cheney cold.

Fishbowl’s favorite prediction?

CBS will continue to be the least favorite network unless White House correspondent John Roberts moves on to Dan Rather’s anchor job. Roberts has had the temerity to keep putting the same question over and over again to White House spokesman Scott McClellan in hopes of getting an answer.

Imagine! A reporter who tries to get an actual answer from a spokesperson!

He also notes that there will be some fresh faces in the West Wing briefing room: The WSJ’s new John McKinnon and Christopher Cooper and the LA Times’s new Warren Vieth and Peter Wallsten. We’ll see how they shape up over the coming weeks.

The one sure bet, Jaffe says? The White House will continue to bully reporters. Fishbowl wonders, though, whether maybe this term the reporters will bully back…