The Busy New Google Layout (Depending on Where You Live)


We’d read about this a couple of days ago, but hadn’t seen any photos, so we didn’t think it right to post just yet. Now that InsideGoogle has the goods, we feel we’re ready. The story is that Google is unveiling a test of a new site design for the very broadband-friendly Taiwan and Hong Kong, adding a whole batch of information to utilize all that additional extra speed. To us, it looks a little busy and sort of goes against the simplicity that made Google a success in the first place. But that could be simply because we’re products of the US, as this is apparently “another move to appeal to countries with sensibilities different from the U.S. and the sparse white space design.” Here’s the whole rundown:

The new design has five boxes in a neat minimalist (for this style) design, including one at the bottom in the center, featuring the same animated icons from South Korea. The five surrounding boxes are tabbed to include multiple features. One has Google Trends with separate tabs for rising search terms, popular videos, popular images and some other set of popular terms. Another has Google News in five different categories. Another lets you access Gmail, Google Calendar and Picasa Web Albums accounts. The last has access to translation, currency conversion and a note-taking box.