The Business Of Architecture Is Very Serious. So Is This Article.

Archinect, oh archinect, what happened? You swervelessly stopped pimpin’, starting making more connected, and now you’ve got features that even we, who are in some way nominally paid to read, can only skim the introductions of:

UpStarts is a series of features on the foundations of contemporary practice. It will have a global reach in which practices from Europe, North America, Asia, and beyond will be asked to address the work behind getting the work, and the effect of cultural contexts. The focus will be on how a practice is initiated and maintained. In many ways, the critical years of a fledgling design partnership is within the initial five years, after the haze and daze of getting it off the ground. UpStarts will survey the first years of practice as a tool for tracking the tactics of the rapidly evolving methods for sustaining a practice.

Don’t. Stop.

Can’t. Stop.

The interview, with Studio Sputnik, is actually interesting. Mostly the snooze hypothesis. Which looks cute and cartoony but is actually, like, in terms of the theoretical history of architecture thought, quite, well, adventurous in a way. Which is so typically cute and Dutch and Rem-y.


Then again, if Venturi‘s your only counterpoint…