Frat Guys Spoof Facebook In The Brocial Network

Frat dudes everywhere, rejoice in the latest Social Network spoof--The Brocial Network!

Parodies of ‘The Social Network’ just keep pouring in, from shipping company spoofs to little kid reenactments and everything in between. Now a bunch of frat guys are taking their shot at spoofing ‘The Social Network’ with a new video that hit YouTube yesterday called ‘The Brocial Network’.

The Brocial Network’s Zuckerberg character says, “I need to do something douche-tastic in order to get the attention of the bros. Because they drink, party, and frat really, really hard.” Instead of creating Facebook, he’s taking everything that’s boss about America (i.e. Khaki’s, Sperry’s, Tahoe’s, and drinking lots and lots of Jager) and calling it BRO. There’s partying, keg stands and preppy frat fashion. What more could you ask for?

The Brocial Network, which was created by Atomic Productions, has been viewed over 115,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday and is climbing the YouTube charts. You can find out more about it at and “Like” it on Facebook. The Brocial Network has 171 “likes” so far.

A lot of people are saying that all the Social Network spoofs are starting to get old. We’ve seen it parodied in every way you can think of, from Twitter and Myspace movies to a YouTube Social Network spoof and more. Do you think parodies of The Social Network are played-out, or do you hope they keep coming? What do you think of The Brocial Network?