The Brits Can Keep Gwynnie–LA’s Getting Posh


FBLA thinks that the Brits can have Gwyneth Paltrow. The Oscar-winning actress is putting on quite a show as she backs away from her put-downs of uncivilized Americans. People has her using the language barrier as an excuse:

As for where the quotes came from, Paltrow says she did not give an interview to the Portuguese daily newspaper, though she did give a press conference –in Spanish–for an endorsement she did in Spain.

Spanish, Portugese–what’s the diff? Paltrow dropped out of UCal-Santa Barbara for the lures of Hollywood, and FBLA thinks she’s read only coverage since then. And we love that while she thinks the English aren’t as materialistic as Americans, she’s been tutored in all things Brit by Madonna. And that’s worked out so well.

But Los Angeles might get yet another bird-brain if Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, moves in next door to the Cruises.

Posh is semi-famous for bragging that she’s never read a book all the way through. With those lips, how could she?