The Britney Spears Divorce Soundtrack Album


Britney Spears filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, and now the real fun begins. It’s long been reported that the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Us Magazine reported that if the couple divorce, Spears will pay Federline $300,000 a year for a period of time equal to half the length of their marriage. She will have no financial obligation to his two children by a previous relationship, and any gift valued at $10,000 or more will require a legal document stating who will own it if the couple split.

FBLA has so many questions, and a soundtrack:

Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know
Is the fake marriage enough to void the pre-nup?

(I Got That) Boom Boom
Is she worth $100 million?

My Perogative
Does Kevin get a cut of the Sean Preston merchandising oppotunities?

Baby One More Time

Is Kevin planning to have make-up sex?

Let’s hope the next song up isn’t this one.

(And how great is this? At the precise moment K-Fed slides into oblivion, Salon nabs an interview. Finger on the pulse.)