The Bridge Between the English and the Australians


The big story brewing in Australia at the moment is the revelation that the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the most famous, easily recognizable sites in the city (you may know it as “the coathanger” if you’re from around those parts), might have been, gasp, originally designed by, gasp again, an Englishman, specifically Ralph Freeman, not John Bradfield who is often credited as such. Here’s the start of the whole story from the Australasia edition of The Independent:

Controversy about whose input was more important has simmered since the bridge opened in 1932. Yesterday it was re-ignited, in the lead-up to the anniversary festivities on Sunday, when Freeman’s firm, Hyder Consulting, told The Australian newspaper: “We designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.” Bradfield’s grandson, Peter, was quick to defend his grandfather’s legacy. “He [Bradfield] had more to do with the design of the bridge, in my view and many others’ view, than anybody else,” he said.