The Branding Campaign That Became An Honest-to-Goodness Phenomenon

Spherion is a temp agency that places administrative, clerical, customer service and light manufacturing temp workers in almost every industry across the whole United States.

But the younger demographic hadn’t heard of them.

So enter “The Temp Life,” a “cost-effective” web series about, well, the temp life. The most recent season features a former temp agency CEO who has to temp his way back to the top.

That was in 2006. Spherion debuts the 5th season of The Temp Life in November; the series has received 18 million views on YouTube, two thousand “likes” on Facebook, and the episodes are syndicated in Marriott and Hyatt in-room TVs so travelers can catch the latest episodes too. It was even nominated for a Streamy this year.

It doesn’t hurt that there’s almost no pitching, just a quick logo at the beginning, and that the series is genuinely humorous.