The Boston Globe to Launch Subscription Site in Second Half of 2011

The Boston Globe announced that it will launch paid subscription site in the second half of 2011, shifting over much of its content from, which will continue to operate as a free site and offer daily local news, sports, weather, and guides to entertainment, travel, and restaurants. will contain news and feature stories, commentary, analysis, photos, and graphics from the daily and Sunday newspapers, and paid subscribers to the print publication will automatically receive subscriptions to the Web site.

The Boston Globe publisher and New England Media Group president Christopher Mayer said:

Our research shows that currently attracts several different types of users. Some are readers whose main interest is breaking news and things to do, while others want access to the entirety of The Boston Globe. These two distinct sites will allow us to serve both types of readers with maximum effectiveness, while continuing to provide advertisers the large engaged audience they have come to expect from