The Boston Globe Launches Photos “From The Archives”

Following in the footsteps of its parent company, The Boston Globe has opened up its photo archives in a new online showcase featuring historic photographs from the paper’s 140-year history.

A photo of the Boston Common from April 1910. Image courtesy of the Boston Globe Archive

The collection, known as “From The Archives,” will be updated every Thursday with three to five photos from 1872 — when the paper, then called “The Boston Daily Globe”, first started — to present day. One important thing to note: “From The Archives” is only for print and digital subscribers.

The news organization’s photo editors will “compile the galleries from more than a million staff photographs, many of which are being digitized for the first time,” said the press release. Many will be based on a specific event or theme. This week, the photos all have something to do with the Boston Common.

“For the first 100 years of its existence – through two world wars, the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1919, the Brinks Robbery of 1950, and hundreds of other historical events – those documents were clipped, annotated, and archived by Globe librarians,” said Bennie DiNardo, Boston Globe deputy managing editor of multimedia, in the press release. “The library holds a trove of incredible images, some never before published, that reveal a Boston that is rarely seen.”

In February, The New York Times launched its own photo archive on Tumblr, called “The Lively Morgue.” The New York Times Co. owns the Globe.

Like the NYT Tumblr, “From The Archives” uses a lot of black and white photos to demonstrate how things were done at the Globe once upon a time. The photo below, for example, shows the paper’s librarians filing papers and articles as well as cataloguing photographs in May 1941.

Courtesy of the Boston Globe Archive

“From The Archives” not only shows iconic Boston landmarks but also chronicles the early years of the Globe, from its original office to its current home in Dorchester. Special editorial content will also be featured on the site.

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