The Body Politic: SVA to Showcase Politically-Inspired Fashion Design

model citizen.jpg

The closest the kids on Project Runway have come to politics is that time they designed new uniforms for the United States Postal Service (whatever came of that? our carrier continues to rock the serge shorts n’ knee socks look), but the students in the School of Visual ArtsDesigner as Author program aren’t afraid to jump into the political fray. And it’s that very fray that members of the MFA Class of 2009 are now hunched over with pinking shears and flag appliqués as they prepare to put on “Model Citizen,” a show and subsequent exhibition of “distinct fashion lines inspired by political points of view” that will take place on the evening of Monday, May 5 at the SVA Gallery.

Curated by Kevin O’ Callaghan under the watchful, politically savvy eyes of program co-chairs Steven Heller and Lita Talarico, the show will feature the work of 19 students, and after parading down the catwalk (what better metaphor for the campaign trail?), the designs will be on display at the gallery through May 31. No word on whether they’ve enlisted Heller to walk the runway, but he does promise us that it will be “an amazing show,” so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Also, we call first dibs on any dress with a superdelegates theme.