The Bloom County Library Is Coming

We remember reading the final Bloom County in the Sunday paper. Berkely Breathed had decided to retire his Pulitzer prize-winning comic strip and we’d thought ourselves prepared for it. But when we got to the last frame, Opus the penguin walking into the unknown, we wept like a baby. It was 1989 and this fishie was thirteen years old. We’d grown up with Bloom County, and the strip had shaped our view of politics, pop culture, satire and dead cats.

So naturally we’re thrilled to learn that IDW Publishing will be releasing the entire Bloom County collection in beautiful hardcover format, with the first volume out this October. From the IDW Website:

“Fans have pestered me for years,” said Berkeley Breathed, “for this ultimate BloomCounty collection in that polite, respectful badgering way that only fans can manage. Thank God I can now tell them something better than just ‘please remove your tent from my lawn.’ I can say, ‘It’s coming!”