The Bling Sting–Reggie Bush


Yahoo Sports writers Jason Cole and Charles Robinson scooped the dead-tree media with their 8-month investigation of Heisman-winner Reggie Bush taking way too much cash and swag while at USC. Local blog Indepndent Sources sees the triumph of the on-line reporters as more bad news for the LA Times sports section, which had been badly hit by enforced cuts. The commentors see mis-placed Trojan loyalty in the press room.

And LA Observed suggests that Dave Morgan, former Times staffer, might just have been the editoral hand behind the reporters.

And in one of those “so weird, it might be true” coincidences, John Crowley, Hollywood tv producer/blogger, questioned Reggie’s bling, back in January. Tabloid Baby thinks Crowley’s questions might have been the inspiration for the investigation. FBLA considers this a tich far-fetched, but then, who knows what people at Yahoo read?

Reggie doesn’t look like a guy who’d wear CZ.