The Blame Game, Played To Win: Who’s Being Indicted?

It’s Friday morning. WHAT’S HAPPENING????

  • The NYT scoops it up: Libby’s on the hook, Rove is off — but barely. He’s still under scrutiny; but yeah, it’s looking like Libby is taking the fall. [NYT]
  • The WSJ agrees, and phrases it a bit better for Rove: he “likely won’t be charged.” Scooter, not so luckily. Crazily, I am reminded of the Old Testament story of Joseph interpreting the dreams of Pharoah’s butler and his baker. I’m seeing Scooter is a tall puffy white hat right about now. [WSJ]
  • Ditto WaPo. Okay, we get it. Conventional wisdom says Libby’s going down. Where’s Cheney though?
  • Time for reinforcements: For Scooter, it’s a white-collar lawyer; for Rove, it’s a PR team. Is it me, or did they leave it a leeettle late? [WaPo]
  • No clues on Patrick Fitzgerald’s site. Dang.
  • On CNN right now, Miles O’Brien knows as much as we do. It’s 8:01. They’re saying “Rove won’t be indicted today, but the investigation will continue… Irving Scooter Libby has been told that there’s a strong possibility that he will be indicted.” So that’s what the “I” stands for. Conspiracy charges? Who knows. Not CNN.
  • Oh, CNN does know something: As Rove left his home this morn, he turned to address the throng of reporters with a beaming smile: “I’m going to have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend, hope you do too.” How very Tom DeLay of him.
  • Speaking of winning the Blame Game, the WSJ reports that the CIA is hoping that the grand jury investigation will vindicate them for intelligence failures; if it can be shown that political pressure was brought to bear, it will go a long way toward rewriting history in the CIA’s favor. [WSJ]
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