The Big Topic Last Week?

Do you even need to guess?

From the Dow Jones Insight—2008 Presidential Election Media Pulse:

    Turmoil in the U.S. financial markets was by far the biggest driver of the candidates’ media coverage in the past week, according to results from the Dow Jones Insight—2008 Presidential Election Media Pulse. Terms associated with the economic crisis dominated the list of words and phrases newly identified by Dow Jones Insight in connection with coverage of the overall election and the recent presidential debate.

    In mainstream media sources (press and Web) during the period September 22-29, the following phrases were among those identified as occurring frequently in association with the two candidates:

  • “Wall Street” was mentioned in proximity to McCain’s name 5,807 times and near Obama’s name 4,930 times
  • “Economic Crisis” occurred 2,303 times near McCain and 1,517 times near Obama
  • “Bailout Plan” was discussed 1,839 times in proximity to McCain and 1,319 to Obama
  • “Congressional Leaders,” who were involved in formulating the plan, turned up 2,224 times in conjunction with McCain and 2,068 with Obama