The Big Ol’ Bad Businessmen


Writer/designer Susan Kirkland, a favorite go-to here at UnBeige, usually grabs our attention in her first sentence. With her newest essay, “Suits 101,” she had us before she’d written anything, in a terrific quote by P.J. O’Rourke. This time, Susan’s writing about the lack of daring and originality, and thus, real creativity, in designing within corporate walls. If you work in that environment, or know of someone who does, or, heck, have even met someone in a bar who goes on to complain about what it’s like in the corporate world for hours on end, this’ll ring true. This writer spent several years working, not in design, but for a big company, and even though he wasn’t doing anything even remotely creative, Susan hits the general nail with the general hammer on its general head. A very worthy read. Here’s a bit:

Cookie cutter conformity–that’s what Wall Street old timers call it. Advisors suggest entrepreneurs stick with the suit formula or wardrobe eccentricities may be read as nonconformist tendencies. Thinking outside the box may prejudice potential investors. It’s okay to be creative, but not with other people’s money. French cuffs, a full Windsor knot in that red silk tie, bracers, a big name designer suit and wingtips are de rigueur on bullion avenue in New York City. It’s the uniform of fiscal responsibility and helps birds of a feather recognize each other.