The Bible Regains Second Place In Page Engagement

This week, a Facebook page devoted to the Bible returns to second place.

This week, a Facebook page devoted to the Bible returns to second place. Also, we’re seeing a lot of interactions among fans of popular music stars and European football teams. Read on for more.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,133,198 4,227,476
2. The Bible 7,998,077 1,014,571
3. Mario Teguh 4,543,731 968,357
4. Justin Bieber 34,456,918 928,318
5. Dios Es Bueno! 4,115,893 671,440
6. Terima Kasih Ibu 2,770,128 667,672
7. Black Eyed Peas 23,431,586 569,119
8. Manchester United 17,902,920 517,883
9. “MTV Roadies” 2,578,006 475,698
10. Jesus Christ 2,867,087 467,699
11. Werevertumorro 2,467,804 455,754
12. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,476,134 414,278
13. Lil Wayne 30,064,155 405,728
14. Avril Lavigne 25,107,199 385,550
15. Mehmetcik 2,431,967 382,415
16. Quedate Otro Ratito 2,714,831 351,958
17. Texas Hold’em Poker 48,199,002 347,505
18. 6,255,726 343,725
19. Empires & Allies 4,556,872 331,248
20. Müzik Keyfi 1,602,999 330,492


Jesus Daily keeps increasing its interaction totals from week to week. With 4,227,476 interactions this week, the page sits pretty in first place once more.

Regaining its spot in second, The Bible witnesses a 1,014,571 seven day interaction total. A focused conversation on a few controversial topics helps Dios Es Bueno achieve a 671,440 comment total; the page finishes with its highest ranking thus far in fifth place.

Falling behind by one position to tenth, the Jesus Christ page has 467,699 posts this week. Joyce Meyer Ministries obtains a six spot advancement to 12th place with a 414,278 total.

Returning in the 18th position,‘s daily updates secure 343,725 interactions.


Holding steady engaging 968,357 likers, Indonesian motivational voice Mario Teguh has yet another impressive week.

The Malaysian Terima Kasih Ibu continues to feature frequent poetry updates, and this week the page picks up 667,672 responses — an improved total that lands the page in sixth place.

The comedic Werevertumorro drops all the way to 11th as its interaction total decreases to 455,754.

In Turkey, political entity Mehmetcik takes two steps back to the 15th position as it sees 382,415 commenters. Another returning page, Müzik Keyfi ranks in the final spot with a 330,492 comeback total.

As Quedate Otro Ratito is working towards reaching a three million fan milestone, 351,958 posters give it 16th place ranking in engagement.


With a world tour coming this fall, Justin Bieber‘s home on the social network will likely skyrocket in the coming months. But that’s not happening yet; 928,318 interactions leaves the page falling back to fourth place.

Meanwhile, a very dedicated social media presence that includes tour and television show promotions invokes a buzzing response for the Black Eyed Peas. The group moves into seventh place, ending the week with a 569,119 interactions.

A new single on the radio and a new album on the way aid in Lil Wayne achieving a 405,728 interaction total — to place 13th on this week’s list. Avril Lavigne‘s page continues to include updates from the road; some 385,550 fan interactions lands the singer in 14th place.


As mentioned earlier, European football teams have all but disappeared from the countdown. Manchester United is the last team standing, and they clench on to eighth position with 517,883 contributions made to the conversation.


Gaming application developer Zynga nabs two spots on today’s countdown. Free chips and other giveaways on the official page of Texas Hold’em Poker help it to achieve a 17th place 347,505 post total. Discussions are also heating up over on Empires & Allies; 331,248 voices were tallied as the page makes its first appearance in 19th.


Proving me wrong as I predicted its success was coming to an end, 475,698 talkative “MTV Roadies” fans help the page to rebound to the ninth position.

Readers, did you find yourself immersed in any of the conversations on this week’s most engaging pages?

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