The Bible Is This Week's Most Engaging Page

The best-selling book in history has taken the top spot in the ranking from Justin Bieber, among other interesting trends in this week's most engaging pages list.

We’re back with another week of most engaging pages on Facebook. The best-selling book in history has taken the top spot in the ranking from Justin Bieber, among other interesting trends. Take a look at the data below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Name# Fans# Interactions
1. The Bible6,543,523905,125
2. Justin Bieber24,294,726872,809
3. Manchester United11,276,931632,811
4. Mario Teguh3,772,546627,859
5. Real Madrid C.F.10,749,781623,348
6. We Are Khaled Said1,104,019508,957
7. eN KapAK NiCkLEr”‘!!!946,801467,474
8. Jesus Christ2,124,766399,285
9. Jesus Daily4,777,288389,276
10. FC Barcelona11,794,645368,246
11. Lady Gaga31,362,860348,433
12. WWE4,890,205344,315
13. Necip Fazil Kisakurek819,922337,560
14. Barack Obama18,912,249315,874
15. Super Junior1,195,709306,555
16. Müzik Keyfi1,317,473283,448
17. Educate Yourself938,684280,478
18. Tutto E Di Piu’529,574270,719
19. WEREVERTUMORRO1,420,223263,592
20. Türk Bayragi5,377,473249,365

Religion tops list: Easter and Passover are fast approaching, which may explain the rise in engagement rates on certain religious sites. With an interaction total of 905,125, The Bible tops this week’s list. Jesus Christ and Jesus Daily both offer fresh religious content, and for the second week in the row the two pages are once again nipping at each others heals. Jesus Christ finished the week with 399,285 engaged fans, the Daily alternative followed closely behind with a total of 389,276.

Music: Justin Bieber moved down to second place this week, with 872,809 fans contributeing to the chatter happening on his page in the past seven days.Although Lady Gaga took a bit of a fall, she is still found in the eleventh spot. 348,433 lovers of the pop star expressed that love on Facebook last week. South Korean pop group Super Junior continues to have a talkative social networking home; 306,555 people added a thought to their wall.

Sports: Manchester United makes an impressive leap forward with interactions on their page totaling 632,811, for a ranking of third place. Also on the European football field, and our list this week, you will find Real Madrid C.F., in fifth place. The club rivals Manchester in total number of fans, and 623,348 of those users are making their voices heard on Facebook. F.C. Barcelona trails not far behind as 368,246 interactions were tallied on the team’s page.

The recent WWE spectacle Wrestlemania had fans of the professional wrestling entertainment buzzing on Facebook; the event helped bring 344,315 Facebook users into the discussion, for a rank of 12 on this week’s list.

Around the globe: Indonesian speaker Mario Teguh hosts large conversations on his official page, which ranks fourth due to 627,859 users contributing a thought in the past seven days. And Turkish pages account for four entries on this list, ranking seventh, 13th, 16th and 20th.

Washington D.C.: Over the past week, President Barack Obama announced a forthcoming town hall, and users need to fan his page in order to tune in on April 20. That helped garner 315,874 new likers over the past seven days, to put the page in 12th place on our list.

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Many thanks to Alex Peiniger for compiling the leaderboard.